Ritchie Yellow Jacket YJ-LTE Refrigerant Recovery SystemThe YJ-LTE™ Refrigerant Recovery System is the smallest, lightest, most powerful unit in its class at a price your budget can handle. It features a built in purge circuit which eliminates the need for external equipment and makes for easy clearing at the end of the job. Superior condenser performance designed for high load conditions means the recovery tank stays cooler for a longer period of time, allowing techs to recover more refrigerant without high-pressure cut-out. The YJ-LTE is also simple to operate, with a single valve, single gauge control panel. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Less than 25 pounds
  • Allows gravity flow of recovered liquid to recovery tank
  • Direct drive fan
  • Easy-to-read and durable 2-½” liquid-filled condenser pressure gauge
  • Virtually no flutter under any condition
  • Protects against damage from pressure pulses
  • Single gauge shows tank pressure during recovery & internal pressure during purge
  • Sealed compressor crankcase minimizes refrigerant loss
  • Cup-style piston seals for better performance under high pressure differentials

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