TYTAN Coat & Seal

TYTAN Coat & Seal is a hybrid duct sealant that can be applied on wet surfaces. It is permanently flexible, doesn't shrink, and can be painted, troweled, or sprayed on with the TYTAN portable gun applicator. Coat & Seal takes the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane and combines them into one super-technology. It cures through moisture absorption instead of water evaporation. Water evaporation causes shrinking and cracking which forces installers to over-apply in hopes that it will maintain its seal. Coat & Seal doesn’t shrink, or crack and benefits from wet projects. Fill out the fom on this page to request a sample.*

Features & Benefits:

  • UV resistant, Low VOC, CARB compliant & contains no solvents or isocyanates
  • May be applied before, during, or after rain (can even be applied under water)
  • May be applied as a repair product over other products that have failed.
  • Remains flexible during transit and while being lifted to a roof
  • May be applied using a sprayer hooked up to a standard portable compressor
  • Resists dripping or stringing 
  • May be applied at as little as 15mils wet and still achieve a good seal
  • Paintable with anti-mildew properties
  • Has passed the most intense SMACNA Pressure Test requirements

*There is a limited supply of samples, so samples will only be sent to pre-qualified HVAC professionals. Sample size is approximately 1 quart.

Call Selena at (855) 448-9826 or fill out the form on this page to request more info.

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