Super Seal Total

Super Seal Total is a power pack combination - ALL IN ONE CAN! It contains:

  • Super Seal Classic to seal and prevent micro leaks
  • DRY R to remove moisture, prevent acid and waxing
  • The revolutionary new FLASH Dye that point outs where the sealant has repaired a leak or reveal larger leaks that require conventional repair.

Super Seal Total is compatible with all refrigerants and oils and can be used on small fractional to large commercial systems. You will save time and increase profits while extending the system life cycle.

  • SUPER SEAL TOTAL 1 - One can is good for smaller systems 230 btuh up to 1.5 ton. Minimum 10 oz. oil required in sump
  • SUPER SEAL TOTAL 2 - One can is good for systems 1.5 ton up to 5 ton. Two cans will do systems over 5 ton and larger. Minimum 30 oz. oil required in sump


For a limited time, Cliplight will be giving away Bass Pro Shops® gift cards with the purchase of Super Seal Total, Ultra or Dry R. Click on the "More Info" tab above for details or fill out the form to the right to locate a participating distributor in your area.



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