SUPER CHANGE™ allows for a quick & easy conversion from a R22, or any oil system, to all HFC refrigerants, including POE-based R407C & R410A. It also rejuvenates o-rings, elastomers, and gaskets, in most cases eliminating the need to replace them when switching to an HFC refrigerant. Super Change works by creating a strong compatibility link between all oils and HFC refrigerants. This link eliminates the need to change system oil, line set conversion flush and improves oil return and heat transfer with HFC conversion refrigerants, when used on all oil systems. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Links all oils to any HFC refrigerant
  • Eliminates change out of oil, "O" rings, or gaskets
  • Replaces R22 line set conversion flush
  • Maximizes oil return & heat transfer on retrofits & drop in refrigerants
  • Combats systems contamination reducing TXV failure
  • Boosts efficiency & extends compressor life
  • Reduces oil logging - critical in systems with long line set runs & rises
  • Prevents corrosion & restores lubricant to original condition by removing water & oxygen

 How it Works

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