SS1 Cleanout Tool

Rectorseal SS1 Directional Cleanout ToolThe SS1 Directional Cleanout Tool clears clogged debris from 3/4" primary and secondary condensate drain lines. The tool can be used with RectorSeal's Safe-T-Switch® SS1* inline condensate overflow shutoff switch or any 3/4" PVC condensate drain inline tee. The lazy L-shaped tool's ribbed nozzle fits snuggly into 3/4" fittings forming a tight seal. The opposite end features a plastic female fitting that tightly connects a shop vacuum, RectorSeal's MightyPump™ drain line pump or other pressurizing device hoses.

Rectorseal SS1 Directional Cleanout ToolFeatures & Benefits:

  • No need to cut condensate line for access
  • For upstream and downstream blockages
  • Use w/ Mighty Pump, vacuum, nitrogen or CO2 cartridge
  • Fits condensate drain lines in units up to 20-tons
  • Included w/ Safe-T-Switch SS1 purchase
  • Also available as stand-alone product
  • Can be left on the job site or carried in toolbox
  • Mechanical & Residential Code Compliant

How to Use:SS1 Directional Cleanout Device Rectorseal

1.   Remove SS1 Cup/Float subassembly from SS1 body (i.e. the Tee)
2.   Clear debris or any other obstacles inside SS1 body
3.   Route Cleanout Tool into SS1 body or other inline tee
4.   Insert rubber nozzle into the 3/4”pipe glued to SS1 body on the blockage side
5.   Attach pressurizing or vacuuming device (such as Mighty™ Pump) to Cleanout Tool
6.   Pump or vacuum until the blockage is cleared

*The Safe-T-Switch SS1 is a code-compliant access fitting for servicing the condensate drain line.  This directional device makes the SS1 even more useful.

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