PN# 9410SRR 
Reusable Hose (PN20133) Sold Separately 

SEAL-N-GO™, the HVACR industry’s first self-sealing refrigerant, makes charging, repairing and preventing system leaks easier than ever. The SEAL-N-GO refrigerant cylinders contain a 25.75 ounce combination of 410A refrigerant and Super Seal Advanced™ with moisture eliminator. The reusable charging hose with an easy-to-read gauge and push button application allows the technician to top off and repair refrigerant leaks in one easy step. Simply attach the charging hose to the low side with the system running and depress the push button until the desired pressure is reached. SEAL-N-GO refrigerant cylinders are light-weight, easy to handle and fit in the technician's tool bag.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-Sealing Refrigerant
  • Top off multiple systems
  • Eliminates moisture
  • Light-weight, compact and portable
  • Perfect for mini-split installs
  • Equipment safe
  • Time saver
  • Permanently seals and prevents leaks
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