Roof Top Blox®

Roof Top Blox Rooftop Mechanical SupportRoof Top Blox® is a one-size-fits-all roof top pipe support system that can be quickly and easily installed without penetrating the roof. The lightweight, stackable design makes transporting the 8 pack totes fast and efficient. The nut slots and extension rod ports allow contractors to conveniently install and adjust from the top and the steel strut alignment trough neatly holds and aligns strut. The system works with height extension rods, pipe support brackets, pipe roller brackets, strut support brackets and more.

Roof Top Blox Roof Top Pipe Suppot for Plumbing HVAC PipesOther Features & Benefits:  

  • Supports gas piping, plumbing, HVAC, conduit, cable tray, ductwork & HVAC equipment
  • Suitable for any roofing material
  • Wide footprint with expandable lengths
  • UV resistant and weather proof
  • 5 year warranty
  • IAPMO R&T Certification
  • Excellent load distribution w/ high load capacity
  • Extension Blox add 1.5” to Blox height
  • Cushioned base – structural foam protects roof membrane
  • Available in the USA and Canada

roof top blox hvac

Roof Top Blox Rooftop Pipe Support

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