The PRO-LIFT™ Transport System is a heavy-duty, battery operated dolly that rolls HVAC units from the edge of a roof directly on to the curb. Since the unit only needs to be lifted to the edge of the roof, smaller and more affordable cranes can be used. PRO-LIFT comes as a two-piece set with large pneumatic main tires. Each set lifts up to 1,500 lbs, but multiple sets can be used to lift up to 4,500 lb units. It has a zero-turning radius that helps to roll HVAC units over uneven rooftops. The amount saved from the expense of using a larger crane or helicopter can pay for the cost of the PRO-LIFT on just one job.  

Pro-Lift HVAC Equipment LiftFeatures & Benefits:

  • Sold direct to HVAC contractors
  • Optional financing available - no payments for 90 days
  • Save on large crane costs and win more bids
  • 86 inches tall & 110 lbs per side
  • Can lift up to 4,500 lbs. when using multiple sets
  • 28 inch lifting height 
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum w/ pneumatic tires
  • Recipient of the ACHR News Dealer Design Award
  • One year warranty

Testimonials From HVAC Contractors Who Own a PRO-LIFT

"The amount we saved from the expense of using a larger crane or helicopter paid for the cost of the Pro-Lift in just one job."

"The Pro-Lift is so easy to connect and transport HVAC packages across the roof."

"We've purchased several sets of Pro-Lifts and we swear by them."

"The Pro-Lift is easy to get onto and off the roof."

"As a policy, the Pro-Lift is the only type of roof-dolly that we allow on all of our commercial buildings."

"We use the Pro-Lift as part of our crane services to save our customers money."

"Our Pro-Lift has saved us time, money, and scheduling headaches by eliminating the need of a larger crane."

"The Pro-Lift is our secret weapon to securing more bids over our competitors."

"We purchased a Pro-Lift set 6 months ago and we've saved over $30,000 in larger crane expense so far."

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