Novent Caps

Rectorseal Novent Locking CapsNovent® Locking Refrigerant Caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on A/C units and minisplits. The caps prevent serious injury or death caused by inhalation of dangerous refrigerants and also safeguard A/C system efficiency due to the loss of refrigerant gases. The color coded, embossed ID identifies R-22 and R-410 to prevent refrigerant gas mixing. The silver universal caps come with adhesive labels identify other refrigerants. The caps can be unlocked with a unique key only available to licensed A/C contractors. The International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code now require that all outdoor ports on refrigerant circuits be made tamper resistant.

Rectorseal Novent Locking CapsFeatures & Benefits:

  • Code Compliant
  • Simple screw-on installation
  • Protects from refrigerant theft 
  • Protects children and reduces liability
  • Surrounded by a protective aluminum shroud 
  • Torque limiter prevents over-tightening
  • Resists crushing & removal without key

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