Low Level CO Health Monitor

The Model 2010 CO Health Monitor, from C O Experts, alerts homeowners to low-level carbon monoxide (starting at 10 PPM) in their home. With heating season fast approaching, CO Experts is offering this incredible monitor to HVAC contractors as part of a CO Awareness Program that will educate customers on the dangers of low-level carbon monoxide exposure. The program includes a leave-behind sheet that will explain the long-term health effects of low-level carbon monoxide exposure. It also includes a free 100PPM test gas canister for in home product demonstrations. (minimum order of 12 units.)  HVAC contractors will earn additional revenue from the sale of the monitor and will protect customers from the harmful effects of CO.

C O Experts is offering a free leave-behind sheet that HVAC contractors can start sharing with their customers today. The sheet will educate homeowners on the dangers of low-level CO and will inform them that most CO detectors on the market today do not detect low-level CO in their homes. Fill out the form to the right to receive your free leave-behind sheet. You will receive an email with the sheet attached.

Features/Benefits of the CO Awareness Program:

  • Build customer confidence and loyalty while protecting them from the harmful effects of CO 
  • Earn additional revenue on the sale of the monitor
  • All orders of 12 units or more delivered in October, 2011 will receive a free 100 PPM C O test gas canister that can be used to demonstrate the CO Health Monitor to customers
  • All orders of 12 unitus or more will receive free shipping, handling and insurance 
  • Free training

Features/Benefits of the Model 2010 CO Health Monitor:

  • Begins alarming at 10PPM
  • Data recall feature displays CO occurrence in Days, Hours, & Minutes
  • Data recall feature displays COHb %
  • Lithium battery standard
  • Made in America, by Americans


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