The Linebacker LBK10

Linebacker® LBK10 Surge ProtectorThe Linebacker® LBK10 Surge Protector prevents the loss of HVAC equipment due to damaging surges. Upon power up, the LBK10 microcontroller analyzes the voltage and ground conditions and the green LED indicates their status. If the LBK10 detects an overvoltage, undervoltage, lost neutral (ground), it will not allow power to the surge protector or equipment until the condition is rectified. 

Linebacker® LBK10 Surge ProtectorFeatures & Benefits:

  • Easy installation at condensing unit
  • NO/NC relay activates indicator & disconnects power
  • TPMOV technology
  • Weatherproof housing
  • 3 year product warranty
  • 3 year connected equipment guarantee
  • Green LED indicates surge protection status (see table below)
  • Protects A/C, heat pump & refrigeration compressors
  • Protects air handlers, furnaces, pumps and motors
  • UL Listed & Made in USA

 How to Install


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