Job Link Clamp Meters

Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter and Job Link SMAN PsychrometerFieldpiece has introduced 2 new clamp meters that are compatible with the Job Link™ Mobile App and deliver a comprehensive range of test and measurement data. The new SC460 and SC660 are the most complete HVACR electrical testing meters Fieldpiece has ever developed. Already packed with electrical tests, the new meters also do phase rotation, and the flagship SC660 meter calculates delta T and measures Amps DC. When communicating with the Job Link Mobile App via the JL2 Transmitter, the SC460 and SC660 provide essential data to calculate both power and system efficiency. The clamp meters also transmit measurements to the Job Link System where they can be used to diagnose a system, be included on customer reports and saved for reference on future calls.

The Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter and Job Link AppFeatures & Benefits of Job Link:

  • Works with Fieldpiece SMAN, SDP2 & SC660
  • Fill out inspection checklists
  • View live measurements
  • Gather in-depth diagnostics
  • Adjust systems to live data
  • Calculate live system capacity (BTUs) with the SDP2
  • Monitor vacuum levels from the within the app.
  • Add your company logo to customer reports

The Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter and Job Link App

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