The Green Vacuum

Green Vacuum MarketairThe Green Vacuum® solar condensate drain line cleaner automatically purges condensate drain lines at regular intervals keeping lines clear of dust, mold fungus and algae. It is designed to release enough water after each suction cycle into the included P-trap to prevent negative pressure from drawing foul odors and outside air into the living space. To install, just connect the Green Vacuum to the A/C or refrigeration drain line and let the pre-programmed timer handle the weekly maintenance. 

Green Vacuum solar condensate drain line cleanerFeatures & Benefits:

  • High RPM motor expells everything through the outlet port
  • Solar panel can be mounted on building surface if needed
  • No need for electrical outlet or wiring
  • Low voltage version available for use indoors
  • Manually operated version w/out timer or solar panel available
  • Can be altered on site to suit different condensate conditions
  • Weatherproof molded plastic casing disassembles without tools
  • Integral thermostat prevents operation in temps under 40°F
  • Optional P Trap included to help meet local code requirements

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