FlexRight shapes any flexible duct into an efficient 90-degree elbow to increase airflow, save energy, and improve comfort by eliminating kinks and restrictions common to most homes and buildings. One standard FlexRight fits over the outer jacket of all flexible duct sizes 4” through 16”. FlexRight is used at duct collars, diffusers, air devices, and HVAC equipment. Install FlexRight on new ducts or retrofit existing flexible ducts to increase airflow, improve comfort and reduce utility bills.

Features & Benefits: 

  • More Affordable & Easier to Install than Sheet Metal Elbows
  • Eliminates Common Flexible Duct Kinks and Restrictions
  • Increases Airflow Efficiency
  • Saves Energy and Reduces Utility Bills
  • Improves Room Comfort
  • One Standard Model Fits All - 4" to 16" Flexible Ducts
  • Installs on New or Existing Air Ducts
  • Installs on Residential or Commercial Ducts
  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials
  • Green Spec Listed & UL Classified
  • Made in the USA

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