FilterFetch is an easy-to-use filter selling program that gives HVAC contractors a chance to earn residual revenue. When contractors register, they are provided a unique code. Individual filter types are also coded. When a technician is in the home, they provide the homeowner with the contractor code and the code specific to that homeowner’s filter. The homeowner goes to and enters the code provided and purchases their filters. The filters are delivered direct to the homeowner and the contractor gets a commission.  

FilterFetch AppFeatures & Benefits:

  • Email reminders sent to their customers
  • Zero filter inventory for contractors
  • 2500+ filter sizes available (including OEM & custom sizes)
  • Fast, free shipping to customer 
  • Toll free homeowner customer support 
  • Control pricing and track commissions online
  • Individual technician codes for sales incentive spiffs & tracking
  • Simple web page design for the contractor 
  • Simple web page design for the homeowner
  • Contractors can easily set their own air filter prices
  • Online dashboard and commissions paid monthly
  • Recurring revenue for contractor’s year after year 
  • Order filters on the FilterFetch app for iPhone or Android


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