ENV DDC System

ENV HVACThe ENV Direct Digital Control System monitors and controls the sequence of operations for every type of mechanical device in a home or building. To install, simply provide a points list, the sequence of operations and a mechanical schematic. ENV will then develop the tables and fabricate the custom interface cabinet. Hang the cabinet on the wall, connect the power, attach an Ethernet Cable and field wires to the cabinet and you’re ready to go.

Features & Benefits:

  • Comfort First reduces energy consumption while increasing occupant comfort
  • Web Interface allows contractor and home owners to remotely monitor, analyze, make modifications, and fine tune the system
  • Home Automation Interface provides customer w/ single point of access to ENV via  the home automation system’s user interface devices
  • Voice Activation allows user to speak to ENV via SIRI or Amazon’s Alexa for thermostat/zone control
  • Prioritizes integration of forced air, radiant heating/cooling, & solar subsystems for year-round comfort.
  • Dynamically modifies outdoor reset calculation based on temperature forecast to avoid radiant slab overshoot
  • Snow & Ice Melt Subsystem uses snow forecast to preheat and idle slab
  • Eliminate Thermostats and costs with sheetrock imbedded wall sensors
  • Data Mining long term data collection for analysis, accessed via web based online charts, graphs, real-time monitors, and spreadsheets
  • Commissioning Toolkit reduces time & cost of commissioning
  • Alerts notify home owner and contractor of power failures and other disasters via cloud based alerts
  • Field Wires terminate inside a single control cabinet eliminating all specialized single function controllers
  • Supports zones, sensors, relays, pumps, thermostats, heat pumps, humidity, flow sensors, boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps, etc.
  • BACNet & Modbus communications options

Ideal for Projects that Include 3 or More of the Following:
ENV Direct Digital Control System Applications

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