Cool Gel®

La-Co Cool Gel Brazing Soldering ProtectionCool Gel® is a spray-on gel that provides the ultimate in heat barrier protection when brazing or soldering. The heat barrier helps protect any surface or component from heat or open flame damage. The unique, no-drip formula can be quickly sprayed on and will hold firmly in place giving the technician one less thing to worry about. Cool Gel is easier and safer to use than a wet rag or heat blanket and is safe for use on lead-free valves. The gelled formula evaporates in less than 48 hours for clean removal. Fill out the form to request a FREE SAMPLE.

La-Co Cool Gel Heat Barrier Spray for Brazing SolderingFeatures & Benefits:

  • Protects lead free valves during soldering
  • Reduces threat of heat damage to seals and gaskets
  • Protects components & materials during soldering
  • Protects painted & finished surfaces from discoloration
  • Gelled formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running
  • Clear, non-staining gel leaves no residue, eliminating cleanup
  • Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin, and odorless
  • Ideal for residential, commercial & refrigeration repairs
  • Made in U.S.A.

Furnance Repair Demonstration

Refrigeration Repair Demonstration


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