The A-Coil Lifter

A-Coil LifterThe A-Coil Lifter removes a furnace from under an a-coil in under 5 minutes by one person. It makes the job of removing or servicing a furnace fast and easy. The A-Coil Lifter comes as a set of two jacks. Place a jack on both sides of furnace and then place lifting lip under coil. The coil can then be jacked up off the furnace for easy furnace removal. The easy-to-use lifter is made of high quality aluminum and cadium plated components and weighs only 11 lbs. It has proven performance in the field for over 13 years.

  • One person furnace removal from under a-coil
  • Use on furnaces from 32" to 60"
  • Made in USA - High quality cadium plated components
  • Compact design - Weighs only 11 lbs.
  • Purchase direct from manufacturer

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"The coil jacks are amazing. They make a coil pull and clean, in a furnace application or in a change out application, a lot easier on my guys as well as myself. With this tool, a service technician is able to do a pull and clean by himself without fighting the coil and being worried that it will fall once the furnace is removed. Also, another perk is that the coil jacks are very thin so even in the tight closets, these are still able to be used and work like a charm every time. Thanks, again, Paul for the quality tool you have provided. My team is very pleased."  - Randy Albright May 5, 2016

"We have had a couple of sets of the coil jacks and just ordered our third set. When changing out any upflow gas unit, the coil jacks are a must to make the job faster"  Lisa Blackburn, Environment Masters" - Jackson, MS Feb 22, 2016

"We purchased the coil lifter 10 months ago and it is awesome. The lifters are very slim and if you can get your hand on the side of the unit you can slide the lifter in. These lifters make the change out of a furnace a breeze. Thank you for fabricating such a good product."  - Keith Schmidt, Schmidt Mechanical - San Antonio, TX Feb 17, 2016

About the Inventor

Paul LeggettMy name is Paul Leggett and I have owned my own heat and air company, Leggett Air Conditioning & Heating, for almost 50 years in Jackson, MS.  Constantly looking for better ways to work smarter and not harder sent me on a quest to find a way for one person to be able to remove furnaces safely by lifting the a-coil up off the furnace. A-Coil Lifters are now becoming necessary standard equipment for all service trucks. Time is money and this tools will help you with both.  Order an A-Coil Lifter and work SMARTER, NOT HARDER.


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