CheckEZ Frame

CheckEZ Coiling Inspection FrameThe CheckEZ Inspection Frame allows for quick and easy inspection of the evaporative coil. The frame includes an access hole on all four sides making it easy for the tech to take static pressure readings, temperature readings and inspect the top of the heat exchanger. The patented frames help contractors sell maintenance contracts and give the home owner the peace of mind knowing their coil can be inspected without having to pay a high fee. With annual inspection of the evaporative coil, the tech can make sure the equipment is performing at the best possible efficiency.

CheckEZ Coiling Inspection FrameFeatures & Benefits:

  • Easily installs between the furnace and evaportive coil
  • Inspect coils 10 times faster
  • Elevates evaporator drain pan off heat exchanger
  • Take temperature rise & static pressure readings
  • Inspect top of heat exchanger & evaporative coil
  • Measure carbon monoxide
  • Priced between $27 and $36.50

Inspect Coils 10x Faster

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