AC Leak Freeze PRO

AC Leak Freeze Pro Sample Refrigerant Leak SealantAC Leak Freeze® PRO is a safe, quick and easy refrigerant leak sealant for residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration  systems.  AC Leak Freeze PRO consists of a flexible, easy-to-handle, transparent hose and an attached copper reservoir, which contains the same trusted, non-polymer, AC Leak Freeze  formula that many have come to trust as the product of choice when dealing with small leaks.  AC Leak Freeze Pro doesn't require any extra tools or a system pump down.  AC Leak Freeze PRO is offered in both the standard formula (blue) as well as the AC Leak Freeze with Magic Frost formula (green). Fill out the form on this page to request your FREE SAMPLE!

AC Leak Freeze PRO Refrigerant Leak SealantFeatures & Benefits:

  • The only sealant that is OEM APPROVED
  • Compatible with all standard refrigerants
  • Designed for use with 1 to 6 ton systems
  • Polymer Free
  • Will not clog Cap Tubes, TXVs, Schrader Valves
  • Will not damage compressors, manifold gauges or recovery systems


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