Zone One Kit

Zone One is a modulating or two position zone control system that solves isolated over-heating or over-cooling problems* in office buildings. The damper or diffuser can be used to control a single room or multiple rooms by using a number of dampers and diffusers. Simply run two wires to the 24 volt transformer and three wires to the thermostat and the problem is solved. Zone One uses pressure independent dampers or diffusers combined with individual space thermostats to manage occupant comfort based on individual setpoint preferences. When the Zone One thermostat calls for conditioning of the space, the duct sensor in the damper assembly senses warm or cold air in the duct supply.  The thermostat then signals the damper to open or close, depending on the heating/cooling needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stand-alone control of single room or multiple zones
  • Two-position or modulating
  • Available as a VAV diffuser
  • Auto changeover
  • Minimum position adjustment
  • LED status indicator
  • Pre-wired controls
  • No control panel required
  • Round and rectangular
  • Save 15% off a Zone One Kit* Direct from Jackson Systems (Until 8/31/17)
    *Kit includes a Damper or Diffuser, Thermostat and 40VA Transformer 

How it Works

*A typical heating and cooling system has one controlling thermostat, limiting the ability to control setpoint based on its physical location. In applications where the HVAC equipment is used to provide conditioned air to multiple spaces, changes in both internal and external loads from one space to another can pose over-heating or over-cooling problems.


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