TAP Wireless Temperature & Pressure Gauge Set

The new REFCO TAP wireless digital pressure and temperature gauge is a user friendly instrument to measure temperature and pressure from the low and high sides of A/C and Refrigeration systems. The unique feature of the REFCO TAP is the large, easy-to-read pressure and temperature display located on the front of the gauge while the temperature clamp comes standard with a digital display that shows the temperature reading right on the clamp. A mobile App (IOS and Android compatible) is available, but not required since the pressure and temperature readings are clearly displayed on the pressure gauge. Reports can be stored on a mobile device and emailed directly to the home office and to the customer. The gauge stores an extensive library of over 50 refrigerant and temperature/pressure chart updates are available via the micro USB connection. REFCO TAP is available in a single or double set of pressure gauge and temperature clamp. The set incudes a pressure gauge and a K-Type temperature clamp for diameters 1/4" to 1 5/8". 

Features & Benefits:

  • Display on Pressure Gauge and Temperature Clamp.
  • No App required, but is available
  • IOS and Android compatible.
  • Calculates Superheat and Subcooling
  • Connect up to 6 pressure gauges and temperature clamps.
  • Refrigerant chart updates available via Micro USB Connection
  • Available in a single or double set of pressure gauge and temperature clamp
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