Super Seal Flex Inject

Super Seal Flex Inject® triple power sealant is a fast, proven and effective way to permanently seal and prevent A/C and refrigeration leaks. Flex Inject installs in seconds with no tools or gauges required. Simply connect the Flex Inject hose to the high and low side service ports, remove the foam pre-release safety feature, press the push button, and the misting orifice will release the sealant into the system without causing liquid slugging. The FlexInject sealant goes to work immediately traveling through the system with both the oil and refrigerant stopping leaks. No recovery, no pump down, and no run time is required; just connect and go. One Flex Inject sealant tube can be installed in AC/R systems up to 6 tons (up to 20 KW) ranging from small residential applications to light commercial systems. It is non-toxic, does not clog TXVs, compressors or cap tubes and is polymer free.

Features & Benefits:

  • Installs in seconds & stops leaks permanently
  • 3 times more sealing power than similar products
  • No tools, gauges, caulking guns or other equipment required
  • Compatible with all refrigerants and oils
  • Polymer Free
  • No run time required after sealant integration
  • Won't clog Manifold Gauges, Recovery Units, TXVs, or Cap Tubes
  • Misting orifice ensures no liquid slugging for compressor protection
  • Works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, evaporators and other system component

How it Works

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