Pro-Lift A/C Transport Tool

The Pro-Lift Transport System is a heavy-duty dolly that easily rolls HVAC units from the edge of a roof directly on to the curb. Since the unit only needs to be lifted to the edge of the roof, smaller, more affordable cranes can be used and helicopter rentals may not be needed. The transport system is battery operated to allow for complete portability. Each side of the dual-piece HVAC dolly has a large pneumatic main tire plus spring-loaded front and rear castors to provide a zero-turning radius. Pro-Lift can easily roll a unit weighing 1,500 pounds over an uneven surface. Since nothing extends underneath the rooftop unit, it can easily be placed directly on the roof curb. The amount saved from the expense of using a larger crane or helicopter can pay for the cost of the PRO-LIFT on just one job.


Features & Benefits:

  • Win more bids by saving money on large crane and helicopter rentals
  • 86 inches tall & 110 lbs per side
  • 28 inch lifting height
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum w/ pneumatic tires
  • Recipient of the ACHR News Dealer Design Award
  • Sold direct to HVAC contractors
  • One year warranty

See it In Action

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"The amount we saved from the expense of using a larger crane or helicopter paid for the cost of the Pro-Lift in just one job."

 "The Pro-Lift is so easy to connect and transport HVAC packages across the roof."

 "We've purchased several sets of Pro-Lifts and we swear by them."

 "The Pro-Lift is easy to get onto and off the roof."

 "As a policy, the Pro-Lift is the only type of roof-dolly that we allow on all of our commercial buildings."

 "We use the Pro-Lift as part of our crane services to save our customers money."

 "Our Pro-Lift has saved us time, money, and scheduling headaches by eliminating the need of a larger crane."

 "The Pro-Lift is our secret weapon to securing more bids over our competitors."

 "We purchased a Pro-Lift set 6 months ago and we've saved over $30,000 in larger crane expense so far."


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