NU-22B (28 oz cans)

ICOR's NU-22B replacement refrigerant is now available in 28oz cans and was specifically designed for the small appliance repair technician that traditionally services window AC systems and dehumidifiers that were originally R-22 based. This R-22 replacement closely mimics the functions of R-22 and thus creates a high-performance option for OEM and service replacement uses. NU-22B was designed to use the standard oils, equipment components and materials that R-22 systems use, thus preventing you from having to invest in expensive retrofits and equipment. The NU-22B 28 oz cans will be sold separately through ICOR's network of wholesale distributors and sold in a kit that includes: 1 protective carrying case, 2 cans of 28 oz. NU-22B, 1 can Access Valve, a Pressure / Temperature Chart, NU-22B System Conversion Guidelines and a Safety Data Sheet.

ICOR NU-22B Superheat/Subcooling CalculatorFeatures & Benefits

  • No Oil Change Required
  • Nonflammable and Nontoxic
  • Direct Replacement
  • HFC - Non Ozone Depleting
  • ASHRAE Designated R-422B
  • Classified A1 by ASHRAE
  • Zero ODP Refrigerant
  • EPA Snap Listed
  • FREE Technical Support and training videos

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