MELISSA Smart AC Control

The MELISSA Smart Control converts any remote-controlled mini-split, portable or window AC unit into a Wi-Fi enabled unit.  When the user sends a command from the mobile app, MELISSA simulates the AC’s remote control and sends the IR signal that corresponds to the command.  MELISSA offers HVAC contractors an easy-to-sell product that is highly desired by homeowners, business owners and building owners.  No special skills are needed to install Melissa. Simply plug the device into a socket and place it in plain sight of the air conditioner.  The MELISSA Smart Control is sold exclusively to HVAC dealers and distributors.  For a limited time, the manufacturer of MELISSA is offering a free sample to qualified HVAC professionals ($8.00 shipping cost applies.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Distributors wanted
  • Affordable for customers
  • High profit margins for HVAC dealers
  • Adds smart-home value to your portfolio
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Saves up to 25% on energy
  • Built-in energy efficient algorithms

HVAC Dealer/Distributor Pricing

How to Install