ICOR NU-22B Refrigerant

ICOR's NU-22B is an ozone safe replacement that closely matches the operating characteristics of R-22 at a lesser cost. No product-specific tools or supplies are needed to use NU-22B. It’s compatible with all standard oils and all standard equipment components and materials used in R-22 systems with no complications or expensive retrofits. NU-22B is in use in thousands of installations throughout the world and is a high-performance choice for both OEM and service replacement uses and can be used safely and responsibally with complete confidence. See how NU-22B compares to R-22 below.

Features & Benefits:

  • A Zero ODP refrigerant
  • Direct Replacement
  • HFC - Non-Ozone Depleting
  • ASHRAE Designated R-422B
  • EPA SNAP Listed
  • Proven Record of Field Performance
  • Nonflammable, nontoxic and classified A1 by ASHRAE
  • Less expensive than using R-22

How ICOR NU-22B Compares to R-22 Refrigerant

Q: Do R-22 direct replacement refrigerants have lower capacity ratings compared to R-22?
A: Yes. All of the mainstream R-22 alternatives have lower capacity ratings.

Q: Do lower capacity ratings mean that any R-22 system converted to a direct replacement will not provide adequate cooling performance?
A: No. The average capacity loss in systems converted to NU-22B is minimal (less than 10%). When the system charge is optimized using the Super Heat / Sub Cooling method, capacity loss can be as little as 5%. (See NU-22B ARI 210/240 test results on reverse side).

How ICOR NU-22B Compares to R-22 RefrigerantQ: What is the average performance you can expect from a system converted to NU-22B?
A: When the system charge has been optimized using the Super Heat / Sub Cooling method, the system runtime will be slightly longer to achieve the desired temperature. The compressor will pull lower nameplate amps, and will have much lower discharge temperatures. NU-22B provides adequate cooling performance at typical conditions, and does so without compromising energy efficiency and system longevity.

Q: Has NU-22B been field tested?
A: Yes. Compared to all competitive R-22 direct replacements, NU-22B has the longest record of successful field performance. There are thousands of ACR systems worldwide that have been converted to NU-22B since 2001 and the product’s track record of performance is impeccable.

Q: If the R-22 compressor is charged with mineral oil, will it need to be changed to POE oil?
A: NU-22B is designed for use with mineral oil and does not require the use of POE oil. However, there are several R-22 replacements that do require the use of POE oil to insure proper oil return. Always refer to the refrigerant manufactures written guidelines.

Q: Is R-407C a better R-22 replacement than NU-22B?
A: No. R-407C requires the use of POE oil, which increases system conversion and maintenance costs. R-22 systems converted to R-407C will have higher compressor discharge pressures, temperatures, amp draws, and provide less dehumidification compared to NU-22B. R-407C reduces the system’s coefficiency of performance (COP). Failure to use POE oil with R-407C will lead to poor cooling performance and potential compressor failure.

How to Retrofit R-22 Systems with NU-22B


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