FF 100 Film Tape for Reflective Insulation

Shurtape's FF 100 All-Weather Film Tape is designed specifically for permanently seaming and sealing reflective insulation to create a permanent and airtight seal that is free of leaks. FF 100 features an aggressive, all-weather adhesive and flexible film backing that allows it to adhere to the bumpy surface of reflective insulation and seal the insulation for the life of the system. The hand-tearable tape easily withstands thermal cycles and delivers high performance in temperatures ranging from -14° F to 176° F, providing full system closure. And, because FF 100 is designed specifically for reflective insulation, it works just as well when the insulation is installed as a radiant barrier inside an attic, crawlspace, side wall or other area inside a home or building. Fill out the form to request a FREE Role of FF 100 All-Weather Film Tape.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly Conformable: Flexible film backing adheres well to uneven surfaces
  • Hand-Tearable: Easy to handle to ensure the job is done quickly
  • Code Compliant: UL 181B-FX* printed for easy identification by inspectors
  • Built for Performance: Aggressive adhesive forms a permanent bond
  • All-Weather: For use in temperatures ranging from -14° F to 176° F

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*In order to receive a UL 181 listing, tapes that are used to seal air duct and air connectors are subjected to a battery of tests, including: flame resistance, mold growth & humidity, temperature, static load, impact, pressure, collapse, tension, torsion and leakage test.