Diversitech Pro-Series Coil Cleaning

DiversiTech now offers its most popular Pro-Series coil cleaning solutions in aerosol cans.  These six NEW fast and easy to use aerosol products provide contractors and dealers a variety of options for indoor, outdoor and multipurpose applications.  Multiple formulas available in popular packaging colors such as Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow and Red along with an environmentally friendly Eco-Coil with each product tailored to address your light, heavy and super heavy duty needs.  Whether it is brightening, removing condensate “gunk,” degreasing, dirt and grime, oxide deposits and/or deodorizing, the DiversiTech Pro-Series aerosol cans provide the solutions for condensers, evaporators, microchannels or minisplits.  The first 500 HVAC professionals to fill out the form on this page will receive a FREE sample in the color/style of your choice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes Pro-Blue, Pro-Brown, Pro-Green, Pro-Yellow, Pro-Red+ and Eco-Coil (see below for applications)
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No mixing required
  • Colored caps to ensure you pick your favorite color
  • For indoor, outdoor and multipurpose applications
  • Addresses light, heavy and super heavy duty applications
  • Available in an environmentally friendly solution

Applications by Color:

  • Pro-Green - Light duty for indoor and outdoor coil cleaning (NSF approved)
  • Pro-Blue - Heavy duty for outdoor usage - removes embedded dirt, greasy soils, and oxidation while brightening (NSF approved)
  • Pro-Brown - Extra heavy duty for outdoor usage - removes deeply embedded dirt, greasy soils and oxidation while brightening
  • Pro-Red+ - Extra heavy duty for outdoor usage - lifts away stubborn deposits including tarnish and corrosion
  • Pro-Yellow - Super heavy duty for outdoor usage - targets large concentrations of dirt and grime with excellent brightening characteristics
  • Eco-Coil - Environmentally friendly for indoor/outdoor usage - targets dirt and grime while brightening with no rinse required for lightly soiled coils (NSF approved)
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