COMPLIFT Portable Gantry Crane

Light-Duty #1 COMPLIFT is a light weight, portable, safe gantry crane designed specifically for the HVAC industry for lifting and lowering compressors, pumps and condensers, as well as other heavy lifting jobs. COMPLIFT becomes the technicians helper when a helper is not available to help load/unload or lift HVAC equipment and supplies weighing up to 600 lbs. The gantry crain is adjustable from 5 1/2' to 8' high. The legs slide along the top beam, making it fully adjustable in width as well and allowing COMPLIFT to fit in tight spaces. The 8' beam easily straddles truck beds for quick, safe loading and unloading of HVAC equpimpent and supplies. COMPLIFT assembles quickly with only 4 pins in less than 3 minutes with no tools. COMPLIFT comes with a trolley, making it easy to move from job site to job site. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 3 minute set-up, using only 4 pins
  • Adjustable height (5.5' - 8') and width allows it to fit in tight spaces
  • Saves time, money and technician's back
  • Light weight, powder coated, steel frame prevents rusting
  • 600 lb. load capacity
  • Comes with a trolley, making it easy to move from job site to job site
  • Electric hoist or chain hoist sold separately
  • OSHA compliant and made in the U.S.A.

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