C450RF Easy Zone Control System

ALAN Manufacturing's new C450RF Easy Zone Control System opens and closes the Floor/Wall Air Grill by using radio frequency (RF) communication method.  The system is ideal for hard to reach locations (such as under a vanity), for those who experience physical challenges or anyone that would like to be able to easily control air flow from their registers.  The wireless design eliminates the need to install cables between the thermostat and the Air Grill, saving installers valuable time on the job site.  The C450RF controls the Air Grill motor and is operated by the thermostat that sends commands.  The system is composed of a Control board with Radio Frequency Receiver, the RF Pro Thermostat on the wall, Motor assembly, and Power supply adapter.  The C450RF Easy Zone Control System is sold direct to HVAC contractors by Alan Manufacturing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wall/Floor Grill Damper
  • RF Wireless Thermostat
  • Thermostat has built in NTC thermistor sensor
  • Damper operates from a 120 Volt adapter
  • Easy installation
  • Sold direct to HVAC contractors


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