BizPAL HVAC Recruiting

BizPAL's innovative recruiting program automatically finds and attracts skilled HVAC tradesman and eliminates wasted time reviewing unqualified applicant resumes. The program is customized to pre-qualify and pre-assess each applicant based on the exact wants and needs for your HVAC business. Unlike other job boards, recruiters, or staffing agencies, BizPAL's recruiting program actively finds experienced candidates and delivers a powerful and motivating recruiting message directly to them. No more posting jobs online, sitting around waiting on applicants nor wondering if applicants have the experience you're looking for. BizPAL recruiting instantly delivers qualified applicants in a quick and easy to reference email. The email contains all the information you want to know about the applicant and with just one click you can quickly contact applicants to schedule an interview.

Features & Benefits:

  • All applicants are pre-qualified based on your specific needs
  • All applicants are pre-assessed and scored based on your specific wants
  • No more unqualified applicants flooding your email inbox
  • Your recruiting message is only displayed to experienced candidates in your area
  • Details for qualified applicants are instantly delivered via a quick and easy to access email
  • No need to log-in to any complex online portals to manually review and respond to applications
  • Save time, money and headaches!

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Much and What's Included:

  • $750 Upfront (One-Time Investment) and $75/Month Recurrring
  • Custom Built Automated Recruiting Program
  • Targeted Ad Campaign
  • Inbound Marketing Funnel For Lead Acquisition
  • Customized Application Process To Automatically Pre-Qualify and Pre-Assess Applicants
  • Automated Delivery Process For All Pre-Qualified Applicants
  • Custom Branded Landing Page To Host Application Process
  • Automated Monthly Job Post
  • Automated Pre-Qualification and Pre-Assessment Service
  • Automated Delivery of Pre-Qualified Applicants ONLY!
  • Hosting Of Application Page and Automated Applicant Screening Services
  • Unlimited Applicants

2) Who Does This Recruiting Program Work For?

  • Our automated Recruiting program can be utilized to Find, Attract, Pre-Qualify, Pre-Assess, and Deliver Qualified Applicants for the following HVAC Related positions:
    • HVAC Helpers
    • HVAC Apprentices
    • HVAC Technicians
    • HVAC Installers
    • HVAC Lead Installers
    • HVAC Sales
    • HVAC Supervisors
    • Office CSR's or Admins
    • And More!

3) How Is This Different Than Other Recruiters or Recruiting Programs?

  • Typical Recruiters and Staffing Firms use their social networking influence and databases of individuals searching for workto manually source talent for your position.
  • Recruiting Programs like ZipRecruiter use online marketing and a "one size fits all" algorithm to match potential job seekers with your position. These programs rely on candidates to find you.Our Recruiting Program is unlike these other methods because it integrates with Social Media sites including
  • Facebook and Instagram to Automatically Find and Attract experienced HVAC candidates using targeted inbound marketing, then automatically Pre-Qualifies and Pre-Assesses applicants based on your exact Needs and Wants using powerful automation software. 
  • Finally, unlike any other program on the market, our Recruiting Program is designed to ONLY notify you when a new Qualified applicant has been found and delivers that applicant directly to your email inbox!

4) What's Required To Get Started?

  • The only thing our program requires is that you have an established Facebook Page for your Business.
  • If you do not have a Facebook Page for your Business, one can be created for you for just $250.
  • From there, the process of implementing our Automated Recruiting Program is quite simple.

5) If I Sign Up Today, How Long Will It Take To Start Receiving Applicants?

  • Once you have signed up, it takes about 3 business days for our team to custom buildyour automated recruiting program to your specifications. 
  • Then, once you have approved of the proofs we send, most clients start receiving Applicants, Pre-Qualified to their exact specifications, within 24 to 36 hours of launching the program.


BizPAL HVAC Recruiting

BizPAL HVAC Recruiting

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