Bi-Polar 2400

The Bi-Polar® 2400 whole home, filterless air purifier is a small unit -- about the size of a mobile phone. HVAC techs can quickly install this device in almost any A/C unit in minutes while on service/maintenance calls. The unit is a straightforward upsell to offer customers interested in an environmentally friendly way to get relief from poor indoor air quality. The Bi-Polar 2400 reduces allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs. Its cold plasma technology replaces the contaminants with healthy, breathable air without the use of UV bulbs or ozone. It works by using bi-polar ionization, splitting water vapor into harmless positive and negative ions that are discharged into the air. These ions attach themselves to allergens such as VOCs, fine particulates, smoke, dust, pollen, dander and more. In addition to deactivating contaminants at the cellular level, particles continue to bond to each other until they are heavy enough to drop out of the air and collect in filters. 

What's in the Air We Breathe Air OasisFeatures & Benefits:

  • Positive & negative ions attack and neutralizes odors & contaminants 
  • Prevents allergens from reproducing 
  • Static electricity quickly reduced 
  • 10-minute installation with magnet & two wires
  • 3-year warranty
  • No replacement parts; maintenance free
  • Ozone-free; no UV bulbs
  • BMS connectivity
  • UL-867 rated for electrical safety
  • Compact design, about size of a mobile phone
  • Energy efficient; uses only 10-watts of electricity

 Air Oasis Bi-Polar 2400

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