Aeroseal HomeSeal "Connect"

HomeSeal "Connect" residential duct sealing technology safely seals ductwork from the inside, allowing for duct sealing in hard-to-reach areas using as few as one technician. The technology uses a non-toxic aerosol solution of micron-sized particles that are blown into the pressurized ductwork, seeks out leaks and seals them from the inside. Ducts located under floors, under insulation, in walls and ceilings and in tight spaces are no obstacle when sealing with HomeSeal "Connect". The HomeSeal Connect™ boasts the most cutting edge technological advancements in duct sealing. These technical innovations result in tremendous benefits for contractors that exceed all code standards. HomeSeal "Connect" is ideal for both retrofit and new construction applications and is a great way to differentiate your business and recruit and retain top talent. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Fewer technicians needed and enhanced homeowner engagement (more sales closing opportunities)
  • Spend less time, money, and resources than manually sealing.
  • Exceeds all code standards
  • Seal the entire duct system, even those behind walls, ceilings, in attics, and crawl spaces
  • Real-time controls (and technical support) to know where you stand before leaving the job site
  • High Gross Profits (+60%) and high Net Profits (+30%)
  • Certified and Guaranteed results

How it Works


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