A/C Re-New

A/C Re-New® revitalizes older HVAC systems and helps prevent call-backs from sticking TEVs on new installations.  The lubricant blends with the system's oil and lasts for the life of the equipment's oil charge.  A/C Re-New helps the entire system work more efficiently, resulting in better system performance, cleaner systems, reduced stress on start-up, less wear/tear and lower energy costs.  The lubricant also decreases friction within the compressor, silencing loud noises and reducing additional wear-and-tear on the system.  Whether installing in a new unit or in an older unit, A/C Re-New is a great upsell item to help boost profits while helping to prolong the life of your customers' HVAC systems. Fill out the form on this page for more info on how to become an authorized A/C Re-New installer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extends system life
  • Quiets noisy compressors
  • Improves cooling performance
  • Saves energy costs
  • Prevents sticking valves
  • OEM approved
  • Assists in oil return with R-22 replacement refrigerants

How it Works

Call Nu-Calgon at (800) 554-5499 or fill out the form on this page to request more info.