A/C Easy Tee's HVAC Contractor Pack

The A/C Easy Tee's HVAC Contractor Pack provides service technicians with everything needed for easy access to condensae drains.  The A/C Easy Tee' Service Port installs quickly and easily without the need for professional service tools and has no ball valves or moving parts that could fail. Installing A/C Easy Tee is an inexpensive way to comply with International Mechanical Code M32-12. The service port offers fexible, easy use with nitrogen, water or a shop vac. To access the condensate drain line, simple unscrew the cap, insert tool, direct the force, clear drain and close the cap. The Tee’s O-ring seal allows use in any orientation or location making maintenance easy. If a line needs to be cut, it can be put back together with A/C Easy Tee and you will never have to cut that line again. The Contractor Pack includes an angle tool, straight tool and compressed gas adaptor tool.


A/C Easy Tee HVAC Contractor PackFeatures & Benefits:

  • Service condensate drains in seconds.
  • Install at evaporator drain pan outlet or at first 90° fitting location
  • View drain pan exit for obstruction inside of air handler.
  • Clear drain w/ wet/dry vacuum, water hose, pressurized nitrogen or pressurized air 
  • Code Compliant - Service Port required by code (IMC - M32-12)

A/C Easy Tee HVAC Contractor Pack


A/C Easy Tee

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