A/C Easy Tee

The A/C Easy Tee Condensate Line Service Port System gives your Technicians quick and easy access to condensate lines with our Professional Service Tools. The tools allow the Technician to control the direction of force while using a vacuum to pull the contaminates from the primary drain and water hose, compressed gas or a combination of water and compressed gas to push the contaminates from the condensate line. Simply open the cap, insert the tool, direct the force, clear the drain and close the cap. And if you have to cut a condensate line, put it back together with the Easy Tee and you’ll never have to cut that line again. Easy Solution Technologies, Inc. supports A/C Easy Tee because it is designed by contractors and made for contractors. The system provides you with a protocol for drain maintenance and virtually eliminates call-backs by saving you large amounts of time and money.

A/C Easy Tee HVAC Contractor PackFeatures & Benefits

  • Pays for itself every time you use it
  • Provides easy access to condensate line
  • Screw on cap with a leak proof O-ring seal
  • Install in any orientation for easy access and profitable maintenance
  • Meets 2015 IMC 307.2.5 and IRC M1411.3.3 Code Compliant
  • Contractor Pack contains 20 Easy Tees &  FREE Professional Service Tool Kit
  • Less than $4.00 per application


A/C Easy Tee Condensate Cleanout

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