Super Change

DiversiTech’s Super Change allows for a fast and easy way to convert R22 systems to a newer refrigerant without changing out oil or conducting line set flushes.  It also rejuvenates o-rings and gaskets and in most cases, eliminates the need to replace them when switching to an HFC refrigerant.  Super Change works by creating a strong compatibility link between mineral or alkylbenzene oils and HFC refrigerants.  This solubility eliminates the need to change system oil, line set conversion flush, and improves oil return and heat transfer with HFC conversion refrigerants, when used on mineral oil systems.  The chemical composition of Super Change directly reacts with these soft components and is absorbed into them counteracting the contraction caused by the removalof the HCFC refrigerant.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Converts R22 refrigerant systems to newer HFC refrigerants including R404A, R407C & R410
  • No need to conduct oil change outs or line set flushes
  • Maximizes heat transfer improving energy efficiency
  • Restores lubricants to its original condition by removing water and oxygen
  • Reduces oil logging which is critical in systems with long line set runs and rises
  • Prevents oil breakdown
  • Reusable hose sold seperately
  • Ideal for small as a reach-in cooler or as large as a commercial unit

Installation Video Showing How Super Change Saves Time and Money

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